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Serving Oak Creek For Over 55 Years

The history of the Oak Creek Diner dates back over 55 years when two local women opened a small diner in the south end of the current building. In those early days, the remainder of the building was an apartment, which was eventually remodeled to make space for other small businesses, including a floral shop & a dress shop. Fifteen years later, an Oak Creek businessman & his wife purchased the restaurant building as part of a larger parcel along the busy 13th Street thoroughfare. As a long-time Oak Creek family, they wanted the diner business to remain at that location to serve the Oak Creek community.


Oak Creek, WI Oak Creek Diner

When the smaller businesses which had been co-located with the diner moved out, the building was remodeled to add space for the growing restaurant business; first, adding the south dining room and eventually adding the larger ‘party room’ in the remainder of the building. The diner has operated continuously for over 40 years, serving both as an eatery, as well as a place for locals to socialize with each other. Through the years, several different owners have leased the diner location, and its name went through several iterations. Anecdotally however, through the years customers would casually refer to the diner as simply ‘the Oak Creek diner”, regardless of who was running it. So, in 2011, the diner was officially christened as the Oak Creek Diner. To this day, Oak Creek Diner continues to serve great food & drinks with friendly, customer-centric service.

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